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R.I.P. Cool Jay...You Will Forever Be Missed

With a very heavy heart we say goodbye to our dearest Jay. (Cool Jay by Frosty the Snowman x Amber Lips by Compliance). Foaled in Florida on April 17, 1996. Jay passed away this week at the ripe age of 24. Jay showed very good promise as a racehorse but he sustained a ligament injury at an early age which forced his retirement. Jay was one of the sweetest boys we have but was definitely the boss in the boys' paddock!

Jay was very protective of his favorite paddock buddies; not letting anyone new into the herd.

He was very loving with people and craved attention and grooming. He patiently stood while people doted over him and loved every minute of it!

So we say farewell, Jay. We know you’re up in horse heaven with your long lost friends and your best buddy, Earnest, frolicking around in endless pastures abundant with rich and lovely grass. You will forever be missed and loved.

"The love of a horse knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." ~ Author Unknown

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