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About Us

Step Ahead Thoroughbred Retirement is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization established to help rehabilitate, retrain, and re-home retired thoroughbred race horses in the Tampa Bay area.  These horses are either off-the-track or horses bred for the purpose of racing but never raced.

Based in Odessa, FL, we offer retired thoroughbreds rehabilitation with a “eurociser” and/or in-ground “aquatread” complete with jacuzzi jets . All our horses are evaluated by a veterinarian and placed on a strategic treatment plan to allow the horse to transition from racing to riding.

The unfortunate reality in the racing industry is that eventually every thoroughbred will need a new occupation at the end of their racing career. Regrettably, not every thoroughbred finishes their career with the ability to become a broodmare or sire. With this in mind, thoroughbreds can be retrained to perform a multitude of jobs.

Thoroughbreds are not only bred for their speed but also for their athleticism and endurance. This makes the thoroughbred a perfect breed for show jumping, equitation, hunt seat, eventing, foxhunting, polo and even barrel racing! Thoroughbreds aim to please and need to be given the opportunity to succeed in something other than racing.


Step Ahead Thoroughbred Retirement was established to fulfill the need for placement of retired off-the-track-Thoroughbreds (OTTB). Step Ahead’s goal is to care for, rehabilitate and transition thoroughbreds from the racetrack to appropriate forever homes.

We at Step Ahead Thoroughbred Retirement see each and every thoroughbred as an individual with varying skills that deserve the chance to join a loving family for the remainder of their lives.

"At Step Ahead Thoroughbred Retirement, Inc. we love and respect all breeds of horses. But we would like everyone to know if you choose a Thoroughbred you will never find a truer friend and companion and a horse that will always try their very best to be a winner in your life and whatever sport or profession you may choose for their future.

On behalf of the horses, I want to thank everyone who has followed and supported us over the year!  - Pam Berry, Co-Founder of Step Ahead Thoroughbred Retirement, Inc.

Please inquire about volunteering, adopting or sponsoring to help us accomplish our mission!!

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