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Goodbye Sweet Carla...we'll miss our beautiful grey girl

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

With a very heavy heart we say good bye to our sweet Carla (JC Name: Sultry Star by Silver Buck x Amber Lips by Compliance), foaled February 3, 1998.

Carla was born at our farm but she was shipped out as a weanling to her owner/trainer in Maryland.

When Carla was a 3-year old, she was offered back to us because she had some bad experiences with people breaking her and they ended up not being able to handle her. We were able to work with Carla and help her move forward with her career. She was one of the sweetest horses you could know, unless she didn’t like you! And that usually fell in the blacksmith column. She really didn’t like anyone with a truck and a blacksmith apron on!

She was very kind with her pasture mates and especially keen on our burro, “Friday” whom she spent a lot of time with. The only one I can remember she was not so kind with in the paddock was our buckskin lead pony, Bucky. He was sent to the vet twice because of Carla, but there was still no place Bucky would rather be than with “Miss Carla.”

Carla always spoke to us for her showers in the hot afternoons and would knicker at us to come in for her feed.

Today is very quiet and very lonely without our beautiful grey girl.

"The love of a horse knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." ~ Author Unknown

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