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Donate to Step Ahead Just by Shopping at Amazon


We are happy to announce that we have recently joined the Amazon Smile program which enables our organization to receive a charitable contribution with each qualified purchase that you make at Amazon Smile at NO COST TO YOU!

When you shop at Amazon Smile instead of, you can help support our horses and Amazon Smile will donate .5% of the total amount of EACH transaction directly to Step Ahead Thoroughbred Retirement Inc.

Everything at Amazon Smile is exactly the same as you are used to at Amazon - same exact products and prices.

If you you have a Prime account, it will still be there. The ONLY difference is that by using our special link, you will have automatically selected to donate .5% of your total purchase amount to Step Ahead Thoroughbred Retirement Inc. Every little bit helps and it's sure to add up fast the more people that use it!

By the way, a "qualifying purchase" includes an order for a product from your shopping cart or streaming downloads a digital product (movies, books, music) provided that the order comes directly through our Amazon Smile link.

Want to try it? It's simple...

Step 1: Bookmark this link on your smartphone or computer'/ch/45-2435402

Step 2: The next time that you're ready to go shopping or just browse around at Amazon for a gift, a new item you've been wanting, a favorite product you need to replace, or just to see where the bargains are... be sure to go through the link above and that will activate the donation once you make a purchase.

That's it, it's all automatic and there are NO FEES and NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES to you!

Just add it into your routine shopping online and feel free to SHARE this post or just the link with anyone else who loves horses, loves to shop and wants to help contribute to our mission of fulfilling the need for placement of unwanted off-the-track-Thoroughbreds (OTTB) that deserve the chance to join a loving family for the remainder of their lives. ​

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